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If they are here legally, they will also no suffer the abuse of employers taking advantage of them with excessively low wages and no benefits.When I go to the store, most of the produce for sale is already being grown in Mexico (less restrictions on pesticides, etc).

The blacks brought to the USA have had a good deal better than had they stayed in Africa. No amnesty.A simple way of life is a lot better than this RAT RACE.Having common since is better than only being book smart.Furthermore, a 2008 report by the Perryman Group emphasized that illegal immigrant contributions through taxes of various types far exceed the amount spend on undocumented children or children born in the US to illegal immigrants.You may be legal but you still have not learned English spelling and grammar.Giving tax dollars to PBS is like paying someone to slit your throat.Money may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.If we have to have proof of a lincense and ins. why should they not have to have the same, and abide by the same.Laws in America should protect the rights of citizens NOT ILLEGALS.

They knew when they came the consequences of coming here illegal.In short if you want to work in the U.S., do it legally, if you want to live here, learn the language that is spoken here.Get hundreds of legitimate free samples of products from brand name companies.Why do you think Native people are Illiterate and Uneducated.Guile, I admire your tanicity and ability to see things as they really are and your courage for stating them so.This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and.The law needs to address ways such a family can begin the process of citizenship.

A nation without secured borders will not remain cohesive for long.The best free stuff, free samples, freebies, deals, and coupons.

Our children are going to have a far lower standard of living than their parents.Immigration is also a huge business and people like NYU Professor Alina Das make a good living off of it.

The effort began in California and Arizona in 1954 and coordinated 1075 Border Patrol agents, along with state and local police agencies.Not only do they cost us for their education but here in Arizona they are teaching La Raza studies which teach them that Europeans stole their land and oppress them.Jobs kept in the U.S. is a misnomer because they are not filled with our citizens.Now our brothers to the south are coming to take more of our land and they are not coming for jobs they are coming for LA RAZA.Thats our job too since we have done contract delivery for over 25 years.Everytime you reward them for breaking our laws it sends a clear message to others that if they break our laws, sooner or later we will reward them too.

They use the schools to sell drugs, intimidate the administration, and avoid prosecution of being illegal.They commit crimes disproportionately to their representation in our population.When a big meat packing company in Minnesota started hiring a lot of Mexicans, the local police and fire, schools, hospitals, all had to hire or train translators.

We are all immigrants (yes even the Native Americans) and most of our ancestors did not go through a process-they just showed up.It would be wrong to blow up a school regardless of who does it.

Well the since the USA is an international nation then we will have to cater the most common languages.NO medical cards for pregnant women or free delivery, transport them home if their family does not come up with the money or be willing to sign away their property just like legals have to do.And if the country was serious about detaining and deporting the undocumented, they would.Burgeoning numbers of Mexican migrants prompted President Dwight D.And I have personally worked a lot of jobs that these illegals do and would gladly do it again.

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And just because people want to protect our country and our resources that makes them racist.My husband was out of work for 29 months and my children had to take sabbaticals from school because they were not eligible for assistance.However, its incredibly hard for these individuals to get a green card due to the immigration laws.There are limits to growth, and from an environmental standpoint, we have to set limits on immigration.We all love free. way often check the legitimacy of the freebies before posting them.After seeing how biased the Need-to-Know report was in favor of illegal immigration, I can now sympathize with my right-wing friends who accuse PBS of being extremely liberal.Arizona State University recently puked a poll on the local PBS station stating that 78% of Arizonans want AMNESTY.

Mexico lost the war in 1848 with the USA, and Mexico has refused to have any respect for USA laws ever since.Then when they get a few family members living here, they can send for all the rest of their family.Blame also the federal government for not supporting labor and looking the other way when businesses violate labor law.

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